Monday, November 17, 2008

Yes, it's the Sabbath

I know, I know it's the sabbath and what the heck are an 7 and 9 year old doing on the roof. Putting up Grandma and Grandpa Banker's Christmas lights of course!! Yesterday, as coach and I were making lunch he looked out the window and motioned to me to come look, this is what we saw!! I think it's so great they want to help...... a little scary but great!! Cooper told coach a few weeks ago that his favorite thing to do is put up Christmas lights. So, on Sat Coach and the boys put the ones on our house up, Skyler and Hunter had laid out Grandma's but they didn't have time to staple them on, so Hunter and Cooper thought they should do it SUNDAY!! They actually finished it all by them selves, with just a little help from their cousins Elli and Talan.
You don't think the Bishop will mind do you?
(My dad is the Bishop)

I thought this was classic, Coach thought he better go make sure they had it started correctly.

Good to go!!

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Lewis Family said...

Go team!! I love that they just go do it themselves. You got yourself some good workers! Hope everything turned out okay for coach.