Thursday, December 16, 2010

Charlie Brown's Christmas Take 2

Cooper was Charlie Brown in the "Charlie Brown's Christmas" Story. He did an amazing job! A lot of lines to remember and even some singing and dancing!! Dallis was also part of this program since she goes to the same school. She is in the Play and Learn Class and they sang Away in a Manger and 10 little Angels. Here are a few Photo's from the night.

Violet, Charlie Brown and Sally

Dallis singing Away in a Manger
Violet & Chuck (Violet is Cooper's friend from church Jenna)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving....Isn't it almost Christmas?

Thanksgiving is such a great time of year! I love how everyone starts to meta morph into more grateful loving giving people!! We are so blessed as a family. We have so much to be grateful for!
Our Turkey bowl was BLISS it was snowy!! Nothing makes my heart smile like the snow!! It truly was so fun!!
Our dinner was incredible as always Grandma Banker went above and beyond. Who makes 11 pies?
And Mrs. Claus.....That old lady dropped our PJs off on the roof. She's so sneaky, the kids kept checking the front door and didn't expect to find them on the roof??

The Gang in the Big Game

Check out Coop's Face...does he want to get Aunt Dani or What??

I love that even My little Girlie Girl is ready for some Football

Mrs. Claus FINALLY came :)
She brought Charlie Brown's Christmas for the Book
(Good choice since Coop is Charlie Brown in his Charlie Brown Christmas play at school)

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Crazy how time flies!! I can still remember the day I delivered my baby boy!! Yep, Skyler is 17 and I am one sad mommy! I love seeing my kids grow, but I hate knowing the older they get the closer they are to moving on......Sky is such a great kid! He has an amazing testimony and truly desires to be good! He works hard in all he does and is constantly trying to get better at the things he is most interested in!
I couldn't be more proud!! Speaking of being proud....This 17 year old made 1st Team All League Kick Returner and
1st Team All League Line Backer
Today we went to IHOP for breakfast, came back to our house for some cake, ice cream and presents. He then went and got pedicures with Megan and Tayla! What a guy! :)

Chicken Fried Steak...His Favorite (yes he ate it all and then some)

Fun-Fetti/Rainbow Chip Football Cake another Fav

New Jacket, 2nd Year in a Row asking for it....Finally

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Little Paris
Since Halloween is on a Sunday we did our Church "trunk or treat" Saturday. We had a great time and our kids enjoyed all the candy they collected!! I love that my kids are such great sports about dressing up!! They actually enjoy it and never fuss about their costumes!! I love Halloween, I don't love Halloween and the rain and I thought for sure this year I would be doing Halloween in the rain since it poured all day!! But, we lucked out it was a great mild evening!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

AMHS Homecoming 2010

Homecoming Game
Homecoming this year for Skyler and his date Megan was a little different. They wanted to go to homecoming yet they didn't want to go to the dance. The dances have gotten so uncomfortable for the kids who are trying to maintain some sort of standards. The dancing is so icky!!! Soooo, we started the night off with pictures out at Lake Tapps on a friends dock it was a beautiful evening
! Cousins

Then we had some friends set up dinner on top of the roof of an apartment in downtown Seattle
they had a beautiful view of the city
Our friends did an amazing job making it look spectacular

After dinner they danced two dances Then they headed to the church where we had a bouncy house obstacle course and boxing ring set up. There was a candy "bar" and kettle corn to pacify their sweet tooth! Once they were all worn out they headed back to our house for some hot tubing and mud pie!
We adults had a blast :) We followed them around like paparazzi!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We had such a blast this summer!! I am always sad when school starts back up and I have to actually stick to a schedule. As much as I love having a schedule I don't like being bound by them. WOW, I have commitment issues.

We spent most of our time at the most beautiful place on earth... that's right Moses Lake baby. We were there almost every weekend and then spent 10 days there with a trip to Silverwood thrown in the mix.

It's never hot enough for Paul anywhere we go but Arizona but this summer on our side of the mountains we got really got ripped off with the amount of sun we had!! He has been ankle biting me to go to Arizona for over a month now!

Paul's Passion SURFING

Go Dallis on the Indo Board
Stephanie, Lucas, Dallis and Lexis

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We Miss You Mara!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shout Out!!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who keeps supporting us and the Paris White Foundation! How blessed we feel that we are surrounded by people who continues to donate, listen, and love us!!
I often wonder if I will ever stop doing the balloon release.....
For me and my family probably not!
We really do appreciate all you all do openly and silently!!

So much Love!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Coop

My Little Guy Coop is 9

He is so funny. He can't really decide what he wants to do. He wanted to first ride dirt bikes in Moses Lake, then he wanted to take his cousins golfing, then he wanted to have a water party here at the house, then he wanted to go to Moses Lake and go to dinner with our friends who share a birthday with him. SOOO, We ended up having a family water party, he went golfing with daddy and then we went to Moses Lake where he rode Jet Skies and jumped off the dock we finished up the night with ice cream at dairy queen. All the kid wants is to do extreme sports, he wants a dirt bike (motorcycle) really bad. I wont do it, a long board is as extreme as I will go :) I love coop and his love for activity. He has informed us he want to be a landscaper or drive tractor for the cemetery? He is such a hard worker who loves to play hard!! I can't believe 9 years ago I wasn't sure if I was going to bring Coop home from the midwives. He's been live'n on the edge ever since!!

Water Slide Baby

He Wont Look at Me With his Shirt Off

His Favorite

Ice Cream (It's Late)

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Lexis is officially older than Paris was.
This is a bitter sweet moment. How grateful I am I have no more "make it too dates" yet how sad I am that most of my tangible items (her clothes) are no longer going to fit Lexis as she continues to grow!

This is one crazy emotional roller coaster ride!! WOW!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Lexis is 2

Once again my baby turned 2. For some reason her turning 2 was harder than Dallis turning 2. I felt like I needed to have a Big Bash for her like I did for Paris. So, I put on my party hat, ordered some cup cakes, blew up the water slides and had a party. I realize it seems as if I am living in fear. I am not.... OK, OK I am!! I just don't want to miss out on anything! I am so grateful for the things I did with Paris in the short 2 years I had her and I would never take any of it back!! So, I find myself making sure I dot all my i's and cross most of my t's.
Lexis Hope is such a blast! She is darling, sweet, spunky, coy, spirited and hilarius all at the same time. She sings God Bless America better than any 2 year old I know plus she gives the best stink eye of any little girl I know! I love that she is 2 but most of all I love that she will be 2 and 11 day's soon. Then she will be 3 and soon enough we will be picking out her prom dress. I hope that she never changes. I hope that she knows how much her family adore's her and loves her. I hope she knows that she is surrounded by friends who love her!!
I miss you Paris! Thank You for making it possible for us to have our Lexis Hope!!
(and Dallis too)
Happy Birthday my Sweet Lu and many many more!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Hunter

Hunter is 11

I can't believe it....I am so sad!! Time goes way too fast, I wish I had spent more time cherishing every little detail!! Hunter, is such an incredible little boy, everyday he amazes me. I am so grateful he chose me as his mom, how blessed I am to have his sweet spirit in my home!!

Hunter's party was a blast. He and all his friends played water kickball, hot tubed, ate pizza, cake and opened presents. All he wanted was money so he could buy an ipod touch.
1st Base

2nd Base
3rd Base
Sliding into home
He Did it!