Friday, July 2, 2010

Lexis is 2

Once again my baby turned 2. For some reason her turning 2 was harder than Dallis turning 2. I felt like I needed to have a Big Bash for her like I did for Paris. So, I put on my party hat, ordered some cup cakes, blew up the water slides and had a party. I realize it seems as if I am living in fear. I am not.... OK, OK I am!! I just don't want to miss out on anything! I am so grateful for the things I did with Paris in the short 2 years I had her and I would never take any of it back!! So, I find myself making sure I dot all my i's and cross most of my t's.
Lexis Hope is such a blast! She is darling, sweet, spunky, coy, spirited and hilarius all at the same time. She sings God Bless America better than any 2 year old I know plus she gives the best stink eye of any little girl I know! I love that she is 2 but most of all I love that she will be 2 and 11 day's soon. Then she will be 3 and soon enough we will be picking out her prom dress. I hope that she never changes. I hope that she knows how much her family adore's her and loves her. I hope she knows that she is surrounded by friends who love her!!
I miss you Paris! Thank You for making it possible for us to have our Lexis Hope!!
(and Dallis too)
Happy Birthday my Sweet Lu and many many more!!


BrOwN CiRcUs said...

So sorry we missed the party...Jensen had a tournament in Olympia... :( We have a present to bring by when you have a moment :) Love ya!

GammaHaynes said...

What a cutie!She looks so different and alittle older. She's a little girl, not a baby.