Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Wish I Could Take The Pain Away!!


As I have to watch Heather, Mara's mommy suffer, I ache inside!! I don't want anyone to go through that much pain!! As Mara's beautiful life is celebrated I can't help but remember how much I LOVED her hair! Heather would do it so cute and it always seemed so fancy, way beyond anything I could ever pull off with my girls! I loved watching them walk into church and file into their "row" (it was on the right side just in front of ours) I could hardly wait to see her hair and dresses!! As, Paris' hair grew I got excited to think I might get to do some of that "fancy" hair..... Little did we know our girls would be angels together!! Some how, some way I hope they are keeping up on their hair :)

I miss you little ladies!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

School Spirit Runs Deep!!

So, Skyler goes to a fairly new High School, with very little school spirit!! I have been going crazy wanting to "spice" up the spirit. Yet, I am only a big talker!! I have never actually done anything about it!! (I am willing to paint faces and make orange and blue suits) Well, this basketball season the girls made it to the state payoffs, and my cute Skyler went all out!! For the first few games he was the only one with his face painted and the crazy hair and clothes. Eventually, he had some friends come around and join him in the fun! He and his friends had this picture in the Seattle Times!


Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Best of Both Worlds

For mid winter break we went to Silver Mountain, in Kellogg Idaho. It is a ski resort/water park all in one!! Nothing better for our family!! We woke up every morning in a beautiful condo, ate breakfast and hit the slopes!! Boarding Baby that's what I love most!! I love the snow, I love the tree's and most of all I love watching all my boys board!! Then we would come back for a late lunch and hit the water park for some serious flow riding!! That is Coach's fact that's how he got his nick name!! For some reason he thinks he can take over when he arrives at the flow rider, the funny thing about that is everyone lets him!! We would stay in the water park til they kicked us out, 7 is when they closed and then we would head back to our room where dinner was waiting thanks to Grandma Banker!! (She's bomb, she helped with the girls so we could play!!)

We truly had a wonderful time, probably next to Disney World this was our favorite vacation!!