Thursday, March 19, 2009

School Spirit Runs Deep!!

So, Skyler goes to a fairly new High School, with very little school spirit!! I have been going crazy wanting to "spice" up the spirit. Yet, I am only a big talker!! I have never actually done anything about it!! (I am willing to paint faces and make orange and blue suits) Well, this basketball season the girls made it to the state payoffs, and my cute Skyler went all out!! For the first few games he was the only one with his face painted and the crazy hair and clothes. Eventually, he had some friends come around and join him in the fun! He and his friends had this picture in the Seattle Times!



Lewis Family said...

Go look so great! Deanna...a while longer and you and Skyler could have that school totally changed around!

GammaHaynes said...

I'm all for dressing up and going all out for almost anything. Skyler is an amazing kid,or should I say young man.Your pretty awsome to mom.