Friday, October 31, 2008


So, another Halloween has come and's crazy how fast it does that!! Even though it's almost been 41 months without Paris, this is only the beginning of the "hard" times ahead of us. Knowing we are a man short in the line up it makes the holiday's tough to get through! It was fun for all of us tonight to have Dallis in Paris' costume she wore for her last Halloween.
Our family, the Alfrey's and the Lewis' all got together for pizza at Grandma and Grandpa Banker's before we went out treasure hunting, candy begging, ok ok trick or treating!
Dallis was very bothered by Cooper's mask! She kept growling at him, and anytime he was around her she would watch him very carefully. Making picture taking very difficult!! Skyler-Himself *Hunter-Boba Fett*Cooper-Evil Doctor

We had a fun and busy day, I will post more pictures of our day later and the comparison pictures on Paris' web- site hopefully Monday!

James Gang Halloween Skate Party

Our BOMB dentist does a Halloween skate party every year. This was the first year we went. Only Hunter, Cooper and Dallis skated!! They all had such a GREAT time!!
Lexis didn't even make it out of her car seat....eek
Skyler played video games instead.....
He had to meet us there he had football

Cooper tear'n it up

Hunter has serious skills

Daddy and Dallis
Dallis was determined to skate.... I videoed it on my camera and did it side ways(I don't know how to turn it now) sorry, but I thought it was so funny. This is about the same age we took Paris for the 1st and last time

Angels Among Us

There are so many angels in the world! It is amazing how many are among us..... While in Arizona I was able to visit 2! They both lost their children this year, Kamber 2 1/2 and Daxton 1!
It was so great to hug them and sit and talk of our sweet angels!! I am so grateful to have women who are so brave and willing to share their lives with me!!
Love ya Jen and Britt!!

Parents Weekend at ASU

We had a great time at Parents weekend for ASU!! Chelsea is so fun to hang out with and we are so proud at how hard she is working!! And to top it off she is so dang cute!
The Brunch was wonderful the DG's did a great job!!
This is "one" of her awards for doing 16 credits and pulling a 3.0!!
Go Brandon......... I mean Chelsea
We love you Chels!!

Tailgate Party, need I say any more!

Having a blast at Dave & Busters, We played the pushing quarter games forever!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin Patch 2008

We went to Maris Farms this year for our annual visit to the Pumpkin Patch! We had a blast doing so many different things this year. We did a cow train, tractor races, pillow jump, tube slide, corn blast, monster truck, corn maze and of course pumpkin picking! Our day was complete with fun, lunch at the Lewis' and then to top the night off Skyler's football game.

Oh, life is good!

It was fun to meet up with the Lewis' we always have so much fun with them!

The boys got to ride on the monster truck, they had a blast! I don't think we will ever go to another pumpkin patch!

Hunter doing his best wrestling move on the Pillow Jump...(it's a HUGE trampoline)

This is Cooper on the Pillow Jump, they had a blast flying!

Tractor Races Go Team!!

Skyler is such a sweet Big Brother

Lexis' First Time At The Pumpkin Patch

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Grandma B Has a Birthday

Grandma Banker had her Birthday the day after Paul. So it's birthday celebration week... Grandma is so sweet to have her party at Round Table so the kids fully enjoy themselves. We don't even fight her anymore to chose her favorite place, she just wants to go where the grandkids are going to eat the best and be able to have a good time!! What an awesome Grandma!! We love you Grandma B!!

Paul Turns 53..."Really"

I know, I know I shouldn't start by disclosing my husbands age but isn't he many 53 year olds do you know that is this hot and can play hoops, dance, wake board, snow board, and his new love FLOW RIDE!!

He is so fun to hang out with and a great daddy!! I'm sure I act more 53 than he does!! You'll all have to remind me at 53 what Paul was doing at 53!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

What am I thinking??

So, I have been getting so much garbage about not having a blog....So here it goes?
Hopefully this wont be the only post!