Friday, February 13, 2009

We Made It??

I would hate to set myself up but we did it..... I have officially made it past 2 years and 10 days!! YEA!! It has been pure hell to say the least, yet so blissful all in the same. I have already experienced things with Dallis that I never did with Paris, how mad I am but oh, how blessed I feel!! I have wonderful people in my life who made my day amazing!! I look forward to many years ahead of me with my two little princess.......that scares me :)

A friend of mine had us all over for lunch so the little girls and 1 little boy :)(lucky him) could play, but I couldn't capture them all together! We are missing 3 other little girls and Gage

Monday, February 2, 2009

Tu Tu's and Tiara's!! She's Two?

Well, today was the "BIG" day! My sweet Dallis has turned two! What a bitter sweet moment this is for me! Oh, how I love how they grow into their sweet spirits and personality, yet how I hate, that this means she's only getting older.

As, we cringe our way through these next 10 days our hearts our more tender to the sweet moments of each passing day. I find my self living these last few weeks as if they were her last. (yes, I am crazy) Since only having Paris 2 years and 10 days we might be a little edgy until the 12th. I know it seems silly I would live this way, I know she isn't going anywhere!!
We had a blast today!! The Theme was, Tu Tu's and Tiara's. I had the little girls all wear their hair in a 1/2 pony and when they got there we gave them each their own tiara, my mom and I made tu tu's for them and so we had them put them on also upon arival. It was adorable to watch them in them, some of the girls are so girly!! (Dallis is still learning) They ate PB&J sandwiches that where shoes, dresses and tiara's, they decorated cookies and then, just played. Each girl was such a delight! I later told coach, our daughter has well behaved friends, we better keep her home!!

What an adorable group of girlys!!!