Monday, August 31, 2009


Visit Paris' Website to see what my amazing sister Daya did for the Paris White Foundation!! What a huge sacrifice!!

Love ya girl!!

It's hard for me to comprehend the nice things people have done for me and my family!! I am not that my husband is, but not me!! So, when people (like Daya) Pull off these huge events for us I can't wrap my brain around it?

I am so grateful for all the sacrifices everyone has made on mine and my families behalf!!
Now that the foundation seems to be taking off it's nice to have something of Paris' that I actually get to watch grow!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Paul and I went to Cancun with the Jessee's

Dreamy, Beautiful, Super Fun

Romantic, Dazzling

Amazing, Peaceful, Smoke'n Hot,

Our trip was incredible! It was everything we dreamed it would be and more!!

I would have never thought Paul and I could fall in love any more....I thought our love was at full capacity, I was wrong!! It was the most romantic vacation, It couldn't of been any better!!

We went on ziplines and dune buggy's, they were a blast. Our faces are covered in dirt!

Paul and Billy sailed everyday. I didn't know I would like sailing..... I loved it!!!

After the zipline and buggy's we swam in caves, look how clear the water is, AMAZING!!

Since this was the most incredible chocolate cake I have ever had I decided to make it my main diet, room service every night!!

While at the flea market this little boy followed us telling us the
bracelets were 50.00 pesos, too cute!!

Our night on the beach.......doesn't get better than that!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Life of A Teenager

Skyler is your typical teenager....He doesn't keep his room clean enough, he doesn't take care of his clothes right away, he doesn't put his dishes in the dishwasher, he doesn't put his shoes by the door away, he sleeps too much.....But, the things he does do, out ways all those insignificant things!!He is such an amazing young man!!
If I would have taken pictures of what he really does in a day, it would have consisted of football every morning at 7:50am, food, sleeping, video game playing, babysitting his siblings, showering, going out with his friends oh did I mention FOOD!! Playing Game Cube and still holding a baby!
And just like that asleep

Monday, August 10, 2009


I promised myself I would post the birthdays. The hardest thing about this is I like to "move on" But, since this is the ONLY journaling I seem to be doing these days I better get on it!!


Since Hunter was a little boy he has LOVED horses! He has been asking for a horse since he was old enough to put that sentence together!! We of course haven't bought him one so every year he wants a horse birthday party. Well, I have been trying to put him off since I know how spendy it would be and actually hoping he would "get over it" He didn't :) So, this was the year Hunter got his horse party! We gathered 10 friends and drove about 2 hours to GoldBar to a wonderful Ranch that took us on a 2 hour ride for the price of 1! The country was beautiful, the horses were well mannered and the people who were running it were more than generous! I know it will be a party Hunter will never forget! In fact Cooper who doesn't want to do anything like Hunter wants to do it next year.

June 27th LEXIS HOPE WHITE is 1

Holy Cow my baby is 1.....I can't even believe it! I don't really want to accept it, and I have a hard time imagining my home without an infant in it!! I have really learned to cherish every moment and as the moments are flying by all I want to do is hold on to every minute!! She has been a complete Joy to have around the house!! I love birthdays and I always want to go over the top!! But, I decided since she is only 1 and wont "really" remember her first birthday I would just have a small BBQ for her. She was super cute when it came cake time, she wasn't sure about getting her hands all dirty.


We have moved away from doing a BIG party for Paris and just keep it family! This year we were in Gig Harbor and ate lunch at a restaurant on the water. We then came home and had our "angel dinner" (great idea Heather) with angel hair pasta, angel bread and then created angel cookies. Of course since it's the 4th we couldn't go to bed without some amazing fireworks!! It was a beautiful day and I was surrounded by wonderful people! I know Paris was among us too. Her sweet spirit seemed to be everywhere!! We miss actually having her here to celebrate with us, but we know our reward is great!!

Gig Harbor
As Always Playing in the Water
Angel Dinner
Angel cookies

Firework Fun


My tiny little Cooper has been the bat boy for his Skyler's select baseball team the Mud dogs since the Mud dogs have been a team. He has listened to the coaches, player's, fans all give their advice as to what is supposed to happen on the Baseball field. He has absorbed most of it and then some and has decided much to grandpa's protest he wants to be a catcher and he believes he could actually throw someone out at second if he played on the Mud dogs. So, of course he wanted a baseball party and he wanted to play the Mud dogs..... they were such good sports and he did a really good job behind the plate!! He even hit the catcher's mask on his knee flipped it around and put it on his head, "you know to get the dirt out" His friends were also good sports! Some of them could actually hang, but other's could have cared less about baseball!!!

He tagged Hunter out at home