Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Paul and I went to Cancun with the Jessee's

Dreamy, Beautiful, Super Fun

Romantic, Dazzling

Amazing, Peaceful, Smoke'n Hot,

Our trip was incredible! It was everything we dreamed it would be and more!!

I would have never thought Paul and I could fall in love any more....I thought our love was at full capacity, I was wrong!! It was the most romantic vacation, It couldn't of been any better!!

We went on ziplines and dune buggy's, they were a blast. Our faces are covered in dirt!

Paul and Billy sailed everyday. I didn't know I would like sailing..... I loved it!!!

After the zipline and buggy's we swam in caves, look how clear the water is, AMAZING!!

Since this was the most incredible chocolate cake I have ever had I decided to make it my main diet, room service every night!!

While at the flea market this little boy followed us telling us the
bracelets were 50.00 pesos, too cute!!

Our night on the beach.......doesn't get better than that!!


Garry Family said...

Oh my gosh Deanna! That looks like you guys had a blast. I am glad (and a little jealous) you were able to get this vacation!

Lewis Family said...

Glad you guys had a blast. I am on Bahamas countdown now! Hope Paul enjoyed his daily fashion shows...Love you guys!

roxanne said...

It is such a joy to see how happy and incredibly in love you two are!

Holy cow woman you are smokin hot!