Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dallis is 3

So, it happened.... Dallis turned 3, I know, I know she will turn 4, 5, and even 16 eeek!! I can't really explain why her turning 3 is such a big deal, I mean the obvious (Paris never was 3) but I wish I could put it into real words!!
Despite my emotions we had a BLAST!! We really didn't do anything big, she went to school, we went to gym starz and then for dinner, we went to Old Mc Donald's. She was simply adorable and the things that came out of her yesterday were bossy and super funny! I can't believe I said that in the same sentence! She loves to sing, dance, boss everyone around and pray! Even this morning the day after she woke up, walked out and since the house was still decorated she goes
"ooooa, oooooa" shook her shoulders and asked "what's for breakfast"

Here are a few Pictures from her BIG day!!

French Fries and Ice Cream My kind of Girl!