Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hazelwood has a New VicePresident

So, Hunter came home from school last week and says "I am going to run for vice president!" At first, I didn't believe him so questioned him a little and realized he was serious. The next day he brought home the rules for his speech and was ready for me to write it. YA RIGHT!! I can't write to save my life! He decided to ask everyone to write down 5 words that describe him. He asked Grandpa, Grandma, Me, Daddy, he tried Cooper but he only said mean things so once Skyler got home he was on board. While we were eating dinner he was trying to put all the words into a little diddy with Skyler but it just wasn't happening. So, I finally said whats a song you love off TV, he thought for a minute and started in on "F-R-E-E that spells free credit baby." I went and printed the lyrics, put the words that we all came up with and viola he had a speech!! He did such a great job presenting it. He said to me "mom I get the biggest smile on my face and I can't make it stop" I told him to just go with it!! He is so cute!!

Can you hear Dallis in the background

Dallis had to give it a shot