Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How Thankful I am I Survived 16

It's true.... Sky went a head and turned 16!! I wasn't sure I was going to survive it! I didn't realize how sad I truly was!! I'm not sure what I expected, but being so incredibly sad wasn't one of them. And why 16? Well, because he will have a little extra freedom (when he gets his licence he is trying to finish his Eagle for Scouts) I can't tell him he can't have a girlfriend (well I guess I could) He can date.....need I say more!! Sky is a great kid and I feel so blessed to have him as mine!! He is fun, polite, caring, athletic, a great listener, LOYAL, he has a testimony of Jesus Christ and he loves his family!!
His birthday was fun! We surprised him with a car and then on Friday we had a surprise party for him!

One of the other great benefits of a birthday is you get your favorite dinner made special by Grandma