Monday, December 7, 2009

Football, Turkey, Mrs. Claus and DENNIS!!!


Our turkey bowl this year was a little wet, but such a blast!! We love Grandpa and his "rules" every year they get better and better!

The Dinner was AMAZING!! Grandma Banker always out does her self! I still can't figure out how SHE gets it all done and everything tastes incredible!!

Mrs. Claus tricked us this year... she came to the back door instead of the front door. We think she was trying to keep the Jammie's from getting wet!! What a thinker she is

Then, the greatest thing ever happened.... My brother Dennis surprised us!! I have never been surprised in my life, EVER!! It was so fun, I think Dani and I traumatized our kids with our over excitement!!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How Thankful I am I Survived 16

It's true.... Sky went a head and turned 16!! I wasn't sure I was going to survive it! I didn't realize how sad I truly was!! I'm not sure what I expected, but being so incredibly sad wasn't one of them. And why 16? Well, because he will have a little extra freedom (when he gets his licence he is trying to finish his Eagle for Scouts) I can't tell him he can't have a girlfriend (well I guess I could) He can date.....need I say more!! Sky is a great kid and I feel so blessed to have him as mine!! He is fun, polite, caring, athletic, a great listener, LOYAL, he has a testimony of Jesus Christ and he loves his family!!
His birthday was fun! We surprised him with a car and then on Friday we had a surprise party for him!

One of the other great benefits of a birthday is you get your favorite dinner made special by Grandma

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Halloween this year was super fun!! It was a pretty laid back day and we enjoyed doing fun Halloween activities!! Poor Sky didn't have much excitement but my little kids had a blast!! Hunter is a Football Ref, Cooper is a Motor cross Rider, Dallis is Cinderella, and Lexis is the Ladybug. All 3 of my girls wore the ladybug costume, it was a bittersweet moment!! How I loved getting Lexis ready for the night, so many tender memories go along with that costume. It was sweet walk down memory lane! In fact, just the other day Dani asked me if I was ever going to take that costume off the back of the door of Paris' and Lexis' room......NOPE!! Not yet!

We went to a new pumpkin patch this year, we waited til the last day so I thought we were going to completely bomb out, actually, we scored!! They seemed to have lowered their prices on everything, so it was a pretty cheep night!! They rode the monster truck, the four wheelers(multiple times), fed the goats, did the vortex and we still bought pumpkins (we weren't going to buy pumpkins this year since we grew them in our garden) We also didn't carve them til today, it was a good way to keep the boys busy this morning!!
I tried something new this year! We've never done a haunted chocolate house and I bought one early this month thinking we would do it for family night, of course we ran out of time and so we did that this afternoon! I'm glad it never fit into our schedule until today!! Dallis had so much fun eating... I mean decorating the house, the boys were very patient and creative trying to work around Dallis! It makes me sad to think October is over! That means so many things, football is coming to an end, summer is completely gone, my kids have now been in school for 2 months which means they are getting older and smarter, I have to get serious about Christmas shopping but the saddest of all is, Skyler is 16 in 11 days......... Where is the time going? I hope I don't miss anything!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009




We fed them dinner in our garage. There were 7 couples

Friday, October 2, 2009

Obeying The Commandments?

Maybe there is a reason we should keep the Sabbath Day Holy? Cooper and his cousins were playing football on Sunday.....needless to say as Coop was pushed, he fell and hit his head on the bridge in our yard. He cut his head open pretty bad!! We should have taken him to the ER but we decided we could fix it ourselves!!SUPER GLUE!! Besides aunt Dani getting her finger stuck to Coops head and his hair being super glued together for weeks all turned out GREAT!!! I have to admit as much as I wanted to go to the ER (I was super scared) it really was a blessing that we did what we did!! Coop had way less pain and a way smaller scar!!
Coop's a pretty tough kid! Good thing he still scored :)

His hair that was stuck in the bridge

Battle Wound

Super Glue....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Brave Little Mara

One year ago today, brave little Mara's spirit left the earth to go live with our Heavenly Father!! Her story is amazing! We love the Adams and are grateful for their example!
We miss sweet Mara!!

Mara and her Daddy at Paris' 2nd Birthday

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Roughly, 175 Days Til Summer

I know, I know they just went back to school! But, I love my kids home!! I hate the fighting and I hate the messes but I like knowing they are "somewhat" safe from the "world!"

As much as I love schedules, love a cleaner house, love not having to make lunch for so many mouths, I love having my kids home MORE!! So, believe it or not I am already on the countdown!!

I love how they each have their own look!!

Hunter 5th Grade Cooper 2nd Grade

Skyler cracks me up, I remember the first day of school and not wanting to wear all my new clothes because everyone else would be wearing theirs so, I would wear boxers and a sweatshirt(what was my mom thinking) now that Sky does the same thing.....I think it's adorable

2nd day, game day

3rd day....... So which is it? What is Skyler's real look??

Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's Football Season Baby!!

How can football season be any better than this? I love football, love, love, love football!! But, when your son is playing, it is so much more fun!!
He was so excited!!! So was I!!
It was a great game....

Skyler played awesome and I couldn't be prouder!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Exciting Day For Dallis

Sad day for mommy!! Today Dallis went to pre-school......why in the world would I put her in school so early? Well, thanks to my friend I couldn't pass up the deal of the century!! She is enrolled in school for the whole year for $50.00 yep that's right $50.00!! (I don't even have to volunteer) So, she either goes to the gym and play in the kids club or go to "school" with all of her church friends and get some sort of structure, why would I ever pass this up? She might go to school the most out of any of my other kids but I'm sure I will never ever have an opportunity like this again!! So, besides beating myself up for even thinking about putting her in school and then having to get her potty trained, tears and all we made it through the first day!!! I didn't realize It would stir up so many emotions......

I am so sad that I never got to

A) potty train Paris

B) I never got to have a 1st day of school with Paris!

C) I never got to buy Paris a 1st day of school outfit, shoes, backpack, take pictures..... the list could go on and on!!

I know this will be great for Dallis and I am grateful she gets this opportunity.....I think :)

Monday, August 31, 2009


Visit Paris' Website to see what my amazing sister Daya did for the Paris White Foundation!! What a huge sacrifice!!

Love ya girl!!

It's hard for me to comprehend the nice things people have done for me and my family!! I am not that my husband is, but not me!! So, when people (like Daya) Pull off these huge events for us I can't wrap my brain around it?

I am so grateful for all the sacrifices everyone has made on mine and my families behalf!!
Now that the foundation seems to be taking off it's nice to have something of Paris' that I actually get to watch grow!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Paul and I went to Cancun with the Jessee's

Dreamy, Beautiful, Super Fun

Romantic, Dazzling

Amazing, Peaceful, Smoke'n Hot,

Our trip was incredible! It was everything we dreamed it would be and more!!

I would have never thought Paul and I could fall in love any more....I thought our love was at full capacity, I was wrong!! It was the most romantic vacation, It couldn't of been any better!!

We went on ziplines and dune buggy's, they were a blast. Our faces are covered in dirt!

Paul and Billy sailed everyday. I didn't know I would like sailing..... I loved it!!!

After the zipline and buggy's we swam in caves, look how clear the water is, AMAZING!!

Since this was the most incredible chocolate cake I have ever had I decided to make it my main diet, room service every night!!

While at the flea market this little boy followed us telling us the
bracelets were 50.00 pesos, too cute!!

Our night on the beach.......doesn't get better than that!!