Saturday, September 12, 2009

Roughly, 175 Days Til Summer

I know, I know they just went back to school! But, I love my kids home!! I hate the fighting and I hate the messes but I like knowing they are "somewhat" safe from the "world!"

As much as I love schedules, love a cleaner house, love not having to make lunch for so many mouths, I love having my kids home MORE!! So, believe it or not I am already on the countdown!!

I love how they each have their own look!!

Hunter 5th Grade Cooper 2nd Grade

Skyler cracks me up, I remember the first day of school and not wanting to wear all my new clothes because everyone else would be wearing theirs so, I would wear boxers and a sweatshirt(what was my mom thinking) now that Sky does the same thing.....I think it's adorable

2nd day, game day

3rd day....... So which is it? What is Skyler's real look??


GammaHaynes said...

I was the same way when my kids were at home and little.I hated for the summer to end, I just wanted them home.I love the pictures,your boys are so cute and so different.Awesome family,I miss the days when mine were little.

Lewis Family said...

He's like his mom. He looks like the stuff no matter what he wears! You guys just have a few different looks.