Thursday, September 3, 2009

Exciting Day For Dallis

Sad day for mommy!! Today Dallis went to pre-school......why in the world would I put her in school so early? Well, thanks to my friend I couldn't pass up the deal of the century!! She is enrolled in school for the whole year for $50.00 yep that's right $50.00!! (I don't even have to volunteer) So, she either goes to the gym and play in the kids club or go to "school" with all of her church friends and get some sort of structure, why would I ever pass this up? She might go to school the most out of any of my other kids but I'm sure I will never ever have an opportunity like this again!! So, besides beating myself up for even thinking about putting her in school and then having to get her potty trained, tears and all we made it through the first day!!! I didn't realize It would stir up so many emotions......

I am so sad that I never got to

A) potty train Paris

B) I never got to have a 1st day of school with Paris!

C) I never got to buy Paris a 1st day of school outfit, shoes, backpack, take pictures..... the list could go on and on!!

I know this will be great for Dallis and I am grateful she gets this opportunity.....I think :)


Lewis Family said...

She looks adorable! I so wish we lived closer so Kendall could spend more time with "my Dallis" as Kendall says. Good job with the potty training. That was a serious crash course!

Julie Weiss said...

I am totally loving the zebra-striped pants! She is getting so big, too! I am also jealous that she lets you do her hair...Sarah won't let me come near her with a comb!