Thursday, November 27, 2008

She Did It Again!!

I can't even get all the food in the picture...... My mom is so amazing! Our Thanksgiving dinner was so incredible!! You can see the mashed potatoes, WOW what at pile of spuds, I think there is 20lbs of potatoes!! The whole other side you can't see has salads not just one....MANY! And then the Pies oh my, I think there were 11, PLUS other deserts, I can't even remember what else there was!! You all wonder why I work out, cause I CAN'T STOP EATING her yummy food!! In fact, as I type I am still eating special K.......oops I forgot the "bar" Yep 1 more special K bar. I am so lucky to have such a great mom who does so much for our family!! She always goes overboard and we all appreciate it!! I hope she continues to do this for a LOOOOOONG time, cause I can't keep up!!
I have lots more to post about our intense Turkey Bowl, but it will have to wait for another day! This one's just for Mom!


Over the last few weeks as the holiday's have been heavy on my mind I have thought a lot of what I am grateful for! I am so blessed, so blessed!! I have a wonderful husband... coach, who takes care of me and my family, who loves me, who loves my children, who honors his priesthood and loves his Heavenly Father with every ounce of him, who is fun, who does way more in one day than I can even dream of doing, who is my very best friend, who allows me to be what I have become, since Paris died!! I have 5 amazing children living in my home who are so incredible! They each have their own personalities and spirits that are beyond anything I ever dreamed I would be blessed to have! I adore each one of them and although I don't want them to grow up they are each growing into treasured people! I have 1 angel who I miss with everything inside me! I loved every minute of the 2 years and 10 days that I got to physically have her. Her radiant smile and sweet bouncy curls were loved by everyone and made a lasting impression on anyone who met her! I am grateful she was brave enough to come and then go so her 2 beautiful sisters could come!! I am grateful I get to be with her again!! I have 4 wonderful step children (and 2 spouses) who I claim as my own! They have all grown up to be amazing responsible adults!! I love how they have all turned out!! I have to congratulate Steph on her marriage....I was waiting for pictures before I posted but I couldn't wait! Welcome Josh! I am so grateful for my extended family who have supported me in my journey thus far.... I know it's not over yet and I'm sure the mountains are just beginning. They have always been such a huge support and always there when I needed! I have parents who are the best and a mother in law who I hope to be like when I am her age! I am grateful I have such great friends, I appreciate all the love and support they give me! Lastly, I am grateful for the gospel that gives me so much hope.
As I come to the end of this post, I know I have forgotten to mention something. I know how blessed I am and never want to take it for granted!! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and remember all that you are grateful for!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Big Dreamers!

I thought this was so funny when I turned around and there was Hunter and Cooper going back and forth with Skyler's Helmet, trying to be so tough!!
They love Sky and look up to him! It's a good thing Sky is such a good kid!!


Grandma B doesn't know how to NOT go over board on Food!! Since, Thanksgiving is right around the corner grandma thought that for the last few Sunday's we would just have real basic dinners. She thought this would be a good idea because EVERY Sunday we have a HUGE dinner (mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls, roast, jello, salad.....I could go on and on) My kids and their cousins just go crazy every Sunday over all her amazing food!!
So, this last Sunday we had pizza's. She made homemade dough and we got to create our own pizza's. But that's not all, she had salad, vegetables, dip and every kind of topping, it was incredible!! When I walked in I thought "real basic" and had to run go get my camera!!
Although, these dinners have been fun and different we can't wait for
I only wish I could be 1/2 the mom my mom is!! She's the Bomb!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

What Do You Do In Seattle When It Rains?

Cooper, Berkley, Hunter and Talan Had a serious game of Football going!
No matter how hard it rained they were going to keep on playing!
You learn real quick in Seattle that life must go on rain or shine!!
That's what so great about being a kid, you just don't care about the "details"
It's all about the FUN!
Berkley Hiking Coop the Ball
Talan and Hunter ready to receive!
The boys are pretty lucky to have their cousins who live
right down the street over to play often!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Shout Out

I posted this on Paris' site, but I just wanted to give a shout out to Brian and Delta Chi for a wonderful job they did on the philanthropy at WSU! For the last 3 years Brian has been able to do our foundation for their philanthropy. Each fraternity picks an organization to raise money for and the Paris White Foundation has been it! Last year, we were able to outfit 8 kiosk in Grant county with 10 life jackets each and 2 kiosks in King county. Thanks to Brian and his efforts we will continue the fight for kiosks and keep buying life jackets!!
We love you Brian and appreciate all you are doing to help keep your sister's memory alive!!
Working Hard in the Kitchen
Good Job on the Food Bobby
Thanks to the Pledges for all your help, setting tables, serving and cleaning up!

If you go to and click on events, scroll to the picture of the police officer with the little kids, that was our grant county event.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Shadow Buddy Anyone?

The other day while I was getting Dallis ready for bed, she kept waving to the wall and saying "bye" docky (doggy??) Then, she went on to say "see ya later" "Hi, docky" she kept on talking. I finally asked her who she was talking too, she just looked at me and then at the wall. I just figured it was just the mood she was in. Well, needless to say anytime I have changed her since she does this? I finally figured it out.....HER SHADOW!!
I guess We all need a buddy!

(The flash ruined the shadow)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What A Treat!!

This is what I get to wake up too!! Every morning I can hear Lexis moving, so of course I look over and there waiting for me is the this.... the sweetest smile ever! She just lays there and smiles at me! She doesn't cry, she doesn't get mad, in fact she hardly even moves!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


These are the moments in my life with my little girls, when I say...If only Paris where here!! These 3 little girls would have been a blast together!! So fun dressing them up, fixing their hair, buying them shoes.......I could go on and on!! I know they would have grown up and become teenagers and since I was a teenage girl I would hope they would be nothing like me, but for now, moments like this break my heart and yet melt every fiber within me!! How lucky am I!

These dresses are so dang cute! They are just 2 of the many I received for Lexis' baby shower!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Yes, it's the Sabbath

I know, I know it's the sabbath and what the heck are an 7 and 9 year old doing on the roof. Putting up Grandma and Grandpa Banker's Christmas lights of course!! Yesterday, as coach and I were making lunch he looked out the window and motioned to me to come look, this is what we saw!! I think it's so great they want to help...... a little scary but great!! Cooper told coach a few weeks ago that his favorite thing to do is put up Christmas lights. So, on Sat Coach and the boys put the ones on our house up, Skyler and Hunter had laid out Grandma's but they didn't have time to staple them on, so Hunter and Cooper thought they should do it SUNDAY!! They actually finished it all by them selves, with just a little help from their cousins Elli and Talan.
You don't think the Bishop will mind do you?
(My dad is the Bishop)

I thought this was classic, Coach thought he better go make sure they had it started correctly.

Good to go!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Think It's Time

Since Paris died I swore her room would never ever change!!! Although, anyone is welcome in we keep the door shut. You can play with her toys but, you can't move anything else. The boys and Dallis love having tea parties in there, in the morning. Everything is the same as it was the day of the accident, although, it has become a holding place for all the wonderful letters and stuffed animals since she died. The clothes are still on her dresser the way I left them when I ran to the pool.
Some don't understand why this is so hard, it's just a room! When you lose someone physically and all you have left are pictures, video's, clothes, bedrooms, toys it's hard to let those things go too. All you want to do is keep anything you have alive, hence not wanting anything in her room to change!! There is a smell in her room that is just hers and if we open the door it will be gone. If we open the door things will change and it will slowly not be just her room. Now that we have 2 little girls and 2 little girl rooms (Dallis' and Paris') it seems silly to not use Paris' room for Lexis. Because, it's just a room RIGHT? Well, after months (almost 5 to be exact) I have really been praying hard to find the strength to put one of the girls in Paris' room. My mom has been telling me for 2 years now it would be an honor! I have just been blowing her off, I am sooooo afraid of the pain that will follow!! Now, that I am at probably the last month of Lexis sleeping in her bed I feel a sense of urgency to make "a" move, yet I have so much inner turmoil!! I know Paris would love to "share" a room with one of her sisters and it would be an honor. I know in the scheme of things it doesn't really matter, but for me it does right now. I know I am brave enough to do it, I just have to find it in me to do it!! Plus, we have to get Skyler on board..... He does NOT want to do it!! He wants to put one of them in the craft room!! I have asked him to pray about it and let me know, I still haven't heard from him yet :)

Ya, I think she's done?

Paris' room is darling....It shouldn't be left vacant

Friday, November 14, 2008

The 14th AGAIN

Here we are AGAIN on the 14th. I know, I know it's just another day of the month, kind of like Thursdays being just another day of the week. The 14th is the day Paris drowned and it was a Thursday! So, for months I have been battling that it is just a day, a number.... but for some reason I can't shake it!! The sting isn't as bad as it was, but it is still there, it is still heavy in my heart. I know as the months keep on going by I will forget less and less about the day and just continue to have my little princess deep in my heart!!
Last night as I was brushing my teeth I said to Coach, do you smell that? It smelled just like Paris, not Paris alive, not "viewing" Paris but Hospital Paris. It was crazy, I have never experienced that before! Oh, how I wish to hold her and smell her yummy little girl smell!! How I wish I could have all 3 of my little girls to hold, to fix their hair, to dress up!!
Paris Holding tight to Cooper

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Every Family Has One......RIGHT?

This is Cooper....You can usually find him this way most of the day!! He is constantly doing some sort of Gymnastics! He is our gymnast, well for now? He might change his mind tomorrow. He has been in gymnastics for 2 months. He can do a round off back handspring on a mat. He does a perfect cartwheel, and can do more pull ups than Sky. (Don't tell him I said that) He does this headstand onto the couch at least 20 times a day! Infact, every time he comes to a stop he does this. Sometimes he throws in a roundoff, and now he is pushing his way up into a handstand!! Coach (Paul) was a gymnast in his day and I well.....I tried!
Do you all remember The Great Flying
SKERN DA FERNA...... that was Coach!!
On the Couch

On the Floor

Up the Stairs

At Grandma's

Oh Yes, Even in the Car!!
One day I was buckling my seat belt and happened to look in my rear view mirror, all I saw was feet! Go Figure!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Can you believe it...... Skyler's 15!!

I can't believe I am even posting this. Not, for any reason except......WHAT THE HECK?? My cute little Skyler is 1 year away from driving! I can remember the moment I went to the Hospital to have him. 11:42pm I was on my way to Denver University and by 6:02 my bundle of Joy was here!! I am so proud of you Skyler! Besides, keeping your room clean I can't really complain about the young man you have become! I am so blessed you are my baby boy! Your future is bright and the road ahead is going to be a blast!! Dig Deep Buddy......

He goes up 14 for the last time

and, comes down 15
His favorite Breakfast....French Toast!
Ok, Ok he really loves Cinnamon Rolls but I wasn't getting up at 3am

His Buddy AJ picked him up at 8:15am and they played 9 holes of Golf, Go Sky sporting the clubs!! This is the sport his grandpa really wants him to play!!

After Golf Him and 3 buddies where off to Herfy Burger to grub!

Now, I know you aren't going to believe this but yes the biggest Jock you'll ever meet is getting a PEDICURE!!

He even talked his friends into to getting one with him!! :)

Nice toes fella's

When Sky got home he had a nice surprise in his room.....
Toilet Papered by his cousin and his "special" girl friend
Tayla his cousin is on the right and Jamie his special friend is on the left

I don't have a picture of him going to baseball but, that is what was on the agenda next
and then the whole family and Tayla and Jamie went to Olive Garden

To End the night he went to Scouts and came home to His cake made by Jamie and Tayla and an ice cream cake I bought him from Baskin Robbins and opened the last of his presents

another Hoody
OOH Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice cream Cake


Monday, November 10, 2008

Too Sad

Most of you have heard about the Girl who lost control of her car and ended up in the Green River. She had 2 younger boys in the car a 2 year old and a 13 year old, who are STILL in the car in the river. Now, I don't know these people, I don't know their life story, I don't know their religion, I don't even know their names! What I do know is they are children of our Heavenly Father who loves them and loves their surviving family members. I do know how incredibly sad these families must be. I can't imagine what they must be feeling not having any closure. Not being able to see or hold their little babies. Knowing that their children are at the bottom of a river and they can't do anything about it. I remember when I had to leave the hospital the day Paris died. I distinctly remember how I felt. SICK!! All, I kept thinking was, "is she going to be warm enough, she doesn't have her blanket, she needs her snugly".....on and on the crazy thoughts! I just can't even wrap my brain around what those families are going through!! So, I am begging for you to find some time to pray for those families. Lets hope they will "get" to hold their babies one last time!! Let's hope that maybe even as I am typing they are able to get that car out before the weather turns bad again!!
Here is a link to the story if you are interested!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Visiting Grandma Tootsie!!

We finally went to see Grandma Tootsie!! It was so great to see her! She is so amazing and as always makes us the most wonderful food and dessert! We had Taco's and she made a cake for Skyler's Birthday!! You could never guess her age, sound like someone else we all know..... PAUL!!
My kids absolutely love going to see her, I only wish I wasn't so crazy busy so we could go see her more!!

So this is Paul jr and Lexis, yep Paul's oldest and his youngest! How fun is that!!

Grandma with her youngest and last grandchild!! Now, she will just have to keep waiting for more

GREAT grandchildren

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My sweet Hunter

I just picked a random picture of Hunter, but I have to tell this sweet story about him.

Yesterday, I couldn't get Cooper to eat breakfast. He wanted me to make him a grilled cheese sandwich after I had already made french toast, and of course I wouldn't do it.....(I don't know why not it wouldn't of been that much more work) so he chose to go to school without breakfast. Now inside, I was freaking out!! I am a major breakfast girl, I couldn't believe I was going to send my little boy to school without food. But I had to stick to my guns......just as the boys were about to get on the bus Hunter came over to me and whispered in my ear, "mom, I got one of my dollars and I am going to buy Cooper breakfast and put it on his desk." This is just one of the many things my sweet Hunter does. He loves everyone and will do almost anything for anybody as long as he's not watching TV. I am so grateful to have such a giving little boy in my home. GO HUNTER

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Before Halloween is forgotten

Ok, so I know we have all moved on to Thanksgiving....and yes I have even started playing Christmas music but, I had to finish posting about Halloween since we had such a great day!! My Wonderful web master posted the Halloween comparison pictures of Paris, Lexis and Dallis. Go check them out they are cute! Just click on her picture to the right.

Cooper trying to scare Hunter..... I think Hunter is doing a GREAT job "acting" scared!
This is how the boys went to school, our school doesn't allow you to wear your costumes so Hunter wore his jammie's and Cooper got to dress up a little, they were having a barn dance and so he got to dress up like a cowboy. Gotta love the hair!

We started the morning out with a wonderful breakfast.....

Monkey brains and eyeballs
(the other kids wouldn't let me take their picture)

Since the boys were gone I had time to play "dress up" with Dallis so I curled her hair.

Cooper Jam'n at the Barn Dance

We finally went trick or treating and then ended the night at grandma B's for the traditional doughnuts and cinnamon rolls.