Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Before Halloween is forgotten

Ok, so I know we have all moved on to Thanksgiving....and yes I have even started playing Christmas music but, I had to finish posting about Halloween since we had such a great day!! My Wonderful web master posted the Halloween comparison pictures of Paris, Lexis and Dallis. Go check them out they are cute! Just click on her picture to the right.

Cooper trying to scare Hunter..... I think Hunter is doing a GREAT job "acting" scared!
This is how the boys went to school, our school doesn't allow you to wear your costumes so Hunter wore his jammie's and Cooper got to dress up a little, they were having a barn dance and so he got to dress up like a cowboy. Gotta love the hair!

We started the morning out with a wonderful breakfast.....

Monkey brains and eyeballs
(the other kids wouldn't let me take their picture)

Since the boys were gone I had time to play "dress up" with Dallis so I curled her hair.

Cooper Jam'n at the Barn Dance

We finally went trick or treating and then ended the night at grandma B's for the traditional doughnuts and cinnamon rolls.

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smrosee said...

oh my gosh D, i want to eat your kids up!