Friday, November 14, 2008

The 14th AGAIN

Here we are AGAIN on the 14th. I know, I know it's just another day of the month, kind of like Thursdays being just another day of the week. The 14th is the day Paris drowned and it was a Thursday! So, for months I have been battling that it is just a day, a number.... but for some reason I can't shake it!! The sting isn't as bad as it was, but it is still there, it is still heavy in my heart. I know as the months keep on going by I will forget less and less about the day and just continue to have my little princess deep in my heart!!
Last night as I was brushing my teeth I said to Coach, do you smell that? It smelled just like Paris, not Paris alive, not "viewing" Paris but Hospital Paris. It was crazy, I have never experienced that before! Oh, how I wish to hold her and smell her yummy little girl smell!! How I wish I could have all 3 of my little girls to hold, to fix their hair, to dress up!!
Paris Holding tight to Cooper


Tana, Chris, Alexis (9), Aiden (3), and identical twin boys Brennen and Camden (6 months) said...

Isn't it crazy how memories are triggered? I love that picture of Paris holding onto Cooper and Cooper holding onto you. It's priceless. They love their Mommy! And we love you, too, Deanna!

Lewis Family said...

Keep writing down your memories. Have you gotten your journal back out yet? Hold on to the memories until the day you can hold onto that precious girl again! We love you tons. Thanks for a fun night last night shopping.

Crysler's said...

Hi Deanna! I'm glad to see you blog as well! It's really fun to see what's going on. I can't believe how grown up your children have become!! Send me an e-mail so I can send you an invite to my blog.

DeAnna (Layman) Crysler