Thursday, November 27, 2008


Over the last few weeks as the holiday's have been heavy on my mind I have thought a lot of what I am grateful for! I am so blessed, so blessed!! I have a wonderful husband... coach, who takes care of me and my family, who loves me, who loves my children, who honors his priesthood and loves his Heavenly Father with every ounce of him, who is fun, who does way more in one day than I can even dream of doing, who is my very best friend, who allows me to be what I have become, since Paris died!! I have 5 amazing children living in my home who are so incredible! They each have their own personalities and spirits that are beyond anything I ever dreamed I would be blessed to have! I adore each one of them and although I don't want them to grow up they are each growing into treasured people! I have 1 angel who I miss with everything inside me! I loved every minute of the 2 years and 10 days that I got to physically have her. Her radiant smile and sweet bouncy curls were loved by everyone and made a lasting impression on anyone who met her! I am grateful she was brave enough to come and then go so her 2 beautiful sisters could come!! I am grateful I get to be with her again!! I have 4 wonderful step children (and 2 spouses) who I claim as my own! They have all grown up to be amazing responsible adults!! I love how they have all turned out!! I have to congratulate Steph on her marriage....I was waiting for pictures before I posted but I couldn't wait! Welcome Josh! I am so grateful for my extended family who have supported me in my journey thus far.... I know it's not over yet and I'm sure the mountains are just beginning. They have always been such a huge support and always there when I needed! I have parents who are the best and a mother in law who I hope to be like when I am her age! I am grateful I have such great friends, I appreciate all the love and support they give me! Lastly, I am grateful for the gospel that gives me so much hope.
As I come to the end of this post, I know I have forgotten to mention something. I know how blessed I am and never want to take it for granted!! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and remember all that you are grateful for!!

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Lewis Family said...

You are so thankful for so many things...just remember that all of those people are also thankful for you and the person you have become! You're the greatest...