Thursday, November 11, 2010


Crazy how time flies!! I can still remember the day I delivered my baby boy!! Yep, Skyler is 17 and I am one sad mommy! I love seeing my kids grow, but I hate knowing the older they get the closer they are to moving on......Sky is such a great kid! He has an amazing testimony and truly desires to be good! He works hard in all he does and is constantly trying to get better at the things he is most interested in!
I couldn't be more proud!! Speaking of being proud....This 17 year old made 1st Team All League Kick Returner and
1st Team All League Line Backer
Today we went to IHOP for breakfast, came back to our house for some cake, ice cream and presents. He then went and got pedicures with Megan and Tayla! What a guy! :)

Chicken Fried Steak...His Favorite (yes he ate it all and then some)

Fun-Fetti/Rainbow Chip Football Cake another Fav

New Jacket, 2nd Year in a Row asking for it....Finally