Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Can you believe it...... Skyler's 15!!

I can't believe I am even posting this. Not, for any reason except......WHAT THE HECK?? My cute little Skyler is 1 year away from driving! I can remember the moment I went to the Hospital to have him. 11:42pm I was on my way to Denver University and by 6:02 my bundle of Joy was here!! I am so proud of you Skyler! Besides, keeping your room clean I can't really complain about the young man you have become! I am so blessed you are my baby boy! Your future is bright and the road ahead is going to be a blast!! Dig Deep Buddy......

He goes up 14 for the last time

and, comes down 15
His favorite Breakfast....French Toast!
Ok, Ok he really loves Cinnamon Rolls but I wasn't getting up at 3am

His Buddy AJ picked him up at 8:15am and they played 9 holes of Golf, Go Sky sporting the clubs!! This is the sport his grandpa really wants him to play!!

After Golf Him and 3 buddies where off to Herfy Burger to grub!

Now, I know you aren't going to believe this but yes the biggest Jock you'll ever meet is getting a PEDICURE!!

He even talked his friends into to getting one with him!! :)

Nice toes fella's

When Sky got home he had a nice surprise in his room.....
Toilet Papered by his cousin and his "special" girl friend
Tayla his cousin is on the right and Jamie his special friend is on the left

I don't have a picture of him going to baseball but, that is what was on the agenda next
and then the whole family and Tayla and Jamie went to Olive Garden

To End the night he went to Scouts and came home to His cake made by Jamie and Tayla and an ice cream cake I bought him from Baskin Robbins and opened the last of his presents

another Hoody
OOH Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice cream Cake



Lewis Family said...

What kind of a mom are you to not get up at 3 a.m. to make those cinnamon rolls? Just kidding...you are like bomb mom to do all you do and capture every moment in pictures. Happy Birthday Sky! LOVE the pedicure pics of the guys. Not only do real men wear pink...they get pedicures too!

roxanne said...

Gosh...I remember helping you and your mom make the bumper pad for his crib...that just doesn't seem like 15 years ago!! I only knew Skyler when he was little but I can tell he has grown up to be a fine young man...definitely due to his two awesome parents!
Happy Birthday Skyler.

Joya said...
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Joya said...

(Oops, I think I accidentally deleted my previous post.) I found you through Sandi! I can't believe it has already been fifteen years!! I love seeing pictures of your family of ten! My heart goes out to you all.