Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Football Season Comes to an End....

Skyler and a few other team mates blocking a field goal! He's the laid out one

Skyer getting ready to run the ball after kick off

He threw a great pass to Anthony

We are so sad that football is ending!! I love football!! When I was growing up that is what I did with my dad, watch football. We didn't go to musicals or shows we watched good ole' football! So, to have a son that is passionate about the sport is so fun! He had a crazy season and did a good job stepping up to the plate. He suited up for Varsity with no expectations of ever playing, by the 2nd game he was getting to see the field defensively a lot more than he ever thought he would. He played monster. On the Freshman team he played QB, linebacker, and special teams (I think)...I just watch the game, I don't know it . He loves the game and just wants to play no matter where it is!! I am so proud of him and think he such an amazing football player and young man! I look forward to many years of football!!


Lewis Family said...

Skyler is what? RED HOT! It was fun to watch you play Sky! Aaron and I had a blast...can't wait for next year.

Lewis Family said...

PS-Deanna, your blogging is bomb, but you are really starting to make me look bad :)