Saturday, October 31, 2009


Halloween this year was super fun!! It was a pretty laid back day and we enjoyed doing fun Halloween activities!! Poor Sky didn't have much excitement but my little kids had a blast!! Hunter is a Football Ref, Cooper is a Motor cross Rider, Dallis is Cinderella, and Lexis is the Ladybug. All 3 of my girls wore the ladybug costume, it was a bittersweet moment!! How I loved getting Lexis ready for the night, so many tender memories go along with that costume. It was sweet walk down memory lane! In fact, just the other day Dani asked me if I was ever going to take that costume off the back of the door of Paris' and Lexis' room......NOPE!! Not yet!

We went to a new pumpkin patch this year, we waited til the last day so I thought we were going to completely bomb out, actually, we scored!! They seemed to have lowered their prices on everything, so it was a pretty cheep night!! They rode the monster truck, the four wheelers(multiple times), fed the goats, did the vortex and we still bought pumpkins (we weren't going to buy pumpkins this year since we grew them in our garden) We also didn't carve them til today, it was a good way to keep the boys busy this morning!!
I tried something new this year! We've never done a haunted chocolate house and I bought one early this month thinking we would do it for family night, of course we ran out of time and so we did that this afternoon! I'm glad it never fit into our schedule until today!! Dallis had so much fun eating... I mean decorating the house, the boys were very patient and creative trying to work around Dallis! It makes me sad to think October is over! That means so many things, football is coming to an end, summer is completely gone, my kids have now been in school for 2 months which means they are getting older and smarter, I have to get serious about Christmas shopping but the saddest of all is, Skyler is 16 in 11 days......... Where is the time going? I hope I don't miss anything!!!

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