Friday, October 2, 2009

Obeying The Commandments?

Maybe there is a reason we should keep the Sabbath Day Holy? Cooper and his cousins were playing football on Sunday.....needless to say as Coop was pushed, he fell and hit his head on the bridge in our yard. He cut his head open pretty bad!! We should have taken him to the ER but we decided we could fix it ourselves!!SUPER GLUE!! Besides aunt Dani getting her finger stuck to Coops head and his hair being super glued together for weeks all turned out GREAT!!! I have to admit as much as I wanted to go to the ER (I was super scared) it really was a blessing that we did what we did!! Coop had way less pain and a way smaller scar!!
Coop's a pretty tough kid! Good thing he still scored :)

His hair that was stuck in the bridge

Battle Wound

Super Glue....

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Julie Weiss said...

OUCH! Poor Cooper! I hope all goes ok. :)