Monday, December 7, 2009

Football, Turkey, Mrs. Claus and DENNIS!!!


Our turkey bowl this year was a little wet, but such a blast!! We love Grandpa and his "rules" every year they get better and better!

The Dinner was AMAZING!! Grandma Banker always out does her self! I still can't figure out how SHE gets it all done and everything tastes incredible!!

Mrs. Claus tricked us this year... she came to the back door instead of the front door. We think she was trying to keep the Jammie's from getting wet!! What a thinker she is

Then, the greatest thing ever happened.... My brother Dennis surprised us!! I have never been surprised in my life, EVER!! It was so fun, I think Dani and I traumatized our kids with our over excitement!!



Lewis Family said...

I love the picture of you and Dani...Dennis is so loved and YES, your kids are still probably traumatized!

The Ervin Family said...

how fun! you are so lucky to live close to your family and be able to make memories such as these with them.