Wednesday, January 13, 2010

That Was Fast

Can you believe they are over....the holiday's? I love all the hustle and bustle of it all! The Christmas music, the fun school art, the school holiday concerts, the traditions and even the the shopping (can you believe I said that)! I just can't believe I have to do it with out Paris. How I long to listen to her sing Christmas Carols as loud and as often as Dallis (who by the way is still singing them)

This Christmas was fast and furious and such a blast! I am so grateful for my children who Love all the "traditions" we do around Christmas time.

This year feeding the homeless hit to close to home.... we gave lunches to a few homeless teenagers.

Our Coats concert was amazing cause not only did the Alfrey's come along but we MET the Coats after the concert!

Snow Flake lane and the Make a Wish letters for Santa was such a blast! How can something that is virtually the same every year still be so magical!!

Ginger bread making with the Kriddles is always a blast! This year the kids went BIG a few 2nd floors went on these houses and of course Tay and Sky built the Temple.

BINGO.....always such a big hit and super fun!

The Nativity and Singing by the piano posed to be biggest challenge for me!!

I miss you Paris, EVERY part of you!!

The reunion has ended, my family -2 have all had the super flu, my house is finally cleaned and another Christmas is behind me, what to do but continue on this most amazing journey!!


roxanne said...

So fun! I love all of your family traditions, you're the best mom ever! You do such a great job of spreading your love and joy with so many...from the Homeless to your sweet little Paris, what a great example you are to your children and the rest of the world.

Thinking of you always and love you so much, Happy New Year!

GammaHaynes said...

I second what Roxanne said. I've been waiting for weeks for you to blog.So good job, I love all the pictures and didn't know that Paul plays the piano.