Friday, January 29, 2010

Personal Narrative By: Skyler White

This was Skyler's Final he did for a Class

“Everything Happens For A Reason”

“Skyler, Paris is floating in the Pool, is she supposed to be there?” This is how my morning began on July 14 2005, which changed my life forever.
As I laid on the couch watching ESPN, enjoying my time off from school, I never imagined how my summer would turn instantly into a nightmare. My brother Cooper walked leisurely into the house on the beautiful morning of July 14th and asked me “the” question that constantly rings in my ears.
As I go running out to my pool to see what was going on I see my mom already jumped in the pool and was pulling my sister out of the water. As she was pulling her out I ran inside to call 911.
“Hello this is 911 what is your emergency?”
“My sister, she drowned in the pool! Hurry please we need help!”
“Sir I am sending help, is she breathing?”
“NO! She is blue and there is no life in her, HURRY PLEASE!”
“Are you doing CPR? Do you know how to do CPR? Are there more people around you? Do you know how she got in your pool?”
“We are doing CPR and there is others here, I don’t know how she got in the pool.”
Then I gave the phone to my dad and I don’t know what was said after that. The fire dept. showed up and they life flighted her to Children’s hospital. My parents and I had to drive ourselves to the hospital, where we were met by a counselor, and I knew it was going to turn out bad. We spent the rest of our time singing, and talking to Paris, trying to get some sort of response out of her.
Unfortunately, my sister ended up dying that day at 3:20pm. When this all first happened I was in shock. Her dying did not really set in till her funeral. Once it set in, IT REALLY HURT. I did not want to do anything and I was mad at everything. It was not fair, why did my sister have to go? When I would see other families with little girls it would just remind me of my sister and it would make me miss her even more. I was mad at this whole situation until three years ago.
This is when my parents had another baby girl, Dallis. 14 months later my parents had another baby girl, Lexis. These girls are the biggest blessing not only in my life, but to my family’s life as well. See, after my Mom and Dad had Paris they were going to be done having kids, but with her death they ended up having two more! This was the turning point for me; it really made me realize that there is a purpose for everything that happens. We all were sent to this world to do something special. Paris’s special thing was to bless my family’s life for two years, then open the doors and bring two more girls into our family, which made us happy and brought us joy again. This is why we live; to find out our important role we have in life. Everything happens for a reason.


Julie Weiss said...

Ok, that totally got me crying. What a mature, sweet young man Skyler is! I'm sure you are very proud of him. :) Julie

Nichole said...

I knew last night when I saw that opening line that I wouldn't want to keep reading. Now I have cry-face! But. . . it does have a better ending then I was expecting. Good Job Skyler! Thanks for sharing!

Rannie said...

Wow! Is that a powerful and expressive narrative from Skyler! Thanks so much Deanna for sharing it with us. You are fabulous Mom and Skyler gave us a little glimpse of why you are here....just by being here you ARE the best mom ever to your kids!!!!! Love ya muchly! Marianne

Lewis Family said...

I don't know what more to say than Thanks Skyler for teaching us all. You are one amazing guy! We love you...thanks Deanna for sharing!

BrOwN CiRcUs said...

Skyler I am so impressed you were able to put into words your thoughts and feelings of that day. We are so proud of the young man you are and how you have handled yourself through such tragedy. You are going to make an amazing missionary because of the testimony you have gained through your trials and blessings. Thanks for posting D...I am sure you feel such gratitude for him in your life :)

Millie said...

Skyler very touching tribute to your sister. You are wise beyond your years. Millie and I are blessed to see your family from the ward in the same building.