Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Holy Cow where did that come from? I can't believe I am 34!! I don't feel 34, but I do look 34....in fact I think by the wrinkles I am pushing 40! Thanks to Paris and lack of sunscreen I have so many wrinkles, I don't even think my iron would take on the job!!

My birthday was super fun!! My friends and family went above and beyond, as always!! I am surrounded by such great people!!

I was given a very priceless gift, I don't think those involved will ever know how much it meant to me!! Our Young Women and leaders did a "roast" if you will, it was so sweet!! I will cherish that moment and WOW all the time and effort put into everything!! It was amazing!! They even made me BROWNIES with GANACHE!!

My sweet mom even made me a yummy dinner and my favorite dessert (star trek trifle)


Julie Weiss said...

Hey, 34 isn't too bad--you're still young! :) I'm turning 42 this year *GULP*. Happy Birthday! Thanks for the advice on the detangler. :)
Love, Julie

khland said...

Happy Birthday!! You are a wonderful, kind and caring person with a great family and you deserve all the happiness in the world :)
p.s. what is the recipe for that trifle??

BrOwN CiRcUs said...

Uh...hmmmmm and what is wrong with wrinkly 40?