Friday, October 31, 2008

James Gang Halloween Skate Party

Our BOMB dentist does a Halloween skate party every year. This was the first year we went. Only Hunter, Cooper and Dallis skated!! They all had such a GREAT time!!
Lexis didn't even make it out of her car seat....eek
Skyler played video games instead.....
He had to meet us there he had football

Cooper tear'n it up

Hunter has serious skills

Daddy and Dallis
Dallis was determined to skate.... I videoed it on my camera and did it side ways(I don't know how to turn it now) sorry, but I thought it was so funny. This is about the same age we took Paris for the 1st and last time


Nichole said...

That is so funny, you don't know how many times I have recorded something sideways. Just so you know, on iMovie I can rotate the video, so just bring it over sometime and we'll fix it up.

Lewis Family said...

She is so cute on her skates.