Friday, October 31, 2008


So, another Halloween has come and's crazy how fast it does that!! Even though it's almost been 41 months without Paris, this is only the beginning of the "hard" times ahead of us. Knowing we are a man short in the line up it makes the holiday's tough to get through! It was fun for all of us tonight to have Dallis in Paris' costume she wore for her last Halloween.
Our family, the Alfrey's and the Lewis' all got together for pizza at Grandma and Grandpa Banker's before we went out treasure hunting, candy begging, ok ok trick or treating!
Dallis was very bothered by Cooper's mask! She kept growling at him, and anytime he was around her she would watch him very carefully. Making picture taking very difficult!! Skyler-Himself *Hunter-Boba Fett*Cooper-Evil Doctor

We had a fun and busy day, I will post more pictures of our day later and the comparison pictures on Paris' web- site hopefully Monday!

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Lewis Family said...

Oh, you are making me look bad with your up-to-date blogging. You'll be a good motivation to stay up to date. Thanks again for a wonderful, fun night. You guys are great. PS-I loved Dallis' curls that made her hair look more like Paris' in that ladybug. You have such cute girls.