Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Wish I Could Take The Pain Away!!


As I have to watch Heather, Mara's mommy suffer, I ache inside!! I don't want anyone to go through that much pain!! As Mara's beautiful life is celebrated I can't help but remember how much I LOVED her hair! Heather would do it so cute and it always seemed so fancy, way beyond anything I could ever pull off with my girls! I loved watching them walk into church and file into their "row" (it was on the right side just in front of ours) I could hardly wait to see her hair and dresses!! As, Paris' hair grew I got excited to think I might get to do some of that "fancy" hair..... Little did we know our girls would be angels together!! Some how, some way I hope they are keeping up on their hair :)

I miss you little ladies!!

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Lewis Family said...

I am more than certain that these two girls have some of the best hair in Heaven. Must be in the genes that have from their mommies.