Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Happy Easter......Easter is a tough holiday for me, not only is it one more without Paris but it's a holiday full of HOPE!! I never imagined a 4 letter word would mean so much to me! How grateful I am for our Savior, for the Hope he has given me, for the chance I am going to get to be with my little girl again!! WOW the pressure..... Easter is a sweet reminder! I usually love a good challenge, but as this one stares me in the eyes it seems bigger than me and yet so attainable, with LOTS of work it is!!

Hunter and His Buddy Dallin, I think they had more fun playing with their baskets than hunting

Cooper and Dallis, you can't see it very well but Cooper is holding the "golden" egg $$

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Dawn said...

are they two peas in a pod or what? Those boys just make me laugh!