Thursday, April 16, 2009


How many teenagers can say they got to play a game on a major league ball field? Last Saturday Skyler got that chance!! His high school team played at Safeco field. It was so fun, not only for us as a family to get to be inside Safeco and enjoy the atmosphere but it was a dream for him! He couldn't stop smiling!! One of his teammates even hit a homerun!! His coach came to us and asked if we as a team would sell Mariner tickets. I thought this was just a regular old fund raiser and as always as much as I HATE fundraisers I thought I would try to do my part......Well this is more than just a fundraiser. Us selling tickets for the Mariners, gave all those boys the opportunity of a lifetime! Here are a few Pictures

Playing in Left field

On first ready to steal

Steals second

You cant really see him but his face is nothing but smiles!!

Oh by the way......If you still want Mariner tickets for June 5th 7:10 start they are still available :)


Lewis Family said...

Skyler, you look like a natural out there on the field you big stud! It was so fun to watch you in your element that day. Thanks for being so good at sports so we can come and watch! We always have a great time cheering you on...Go Lions!

GammaHaynes said...

Wow, that game me goosebumps!