Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Where Is The Time Going?


I know this wont be the LAST time I say this, but my baby is growing up! She turns 1 in a month and half and I am having a COW!!! I don't want her to walk, talk, dance, sing, swim Nothing!! I want her to stay a little, little baby! She is so stink'n adorable and so much fun! I know I say that about all my kiddo's! But, I am truly enjoying every minute of her! She is almost walking, which will add even more chaos to my life, is that possible? She is starting to get an attitude, I can't imagine where that came from? And she continues to look more and more like her darling big sister Paris! How lucky is she!! My little Lu has been such a sweet blessing in our lives and as sad as it is to watch her grow how fun it has been to watch her spirit grow right along the way!!


Joya said...

She's adorable! She does look like Paris. I wish mine would stop growing so fast too :(

Hendricks Family said...

She is so cute!! She does look like Paris. We sure miss all of you, I cant believe how time flies! Both your girls are adorable!