Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Coop

My Little Guy Coop is 9

He is so funny. He can't really decide what he wants to do. He wanted to first ride dirt bikes in Moses Lake, then he wanted to take his cousins golfing, then he wanted to have a water party here at the house, then he wanted to go to Moses Lake and go to dinner with our friends who share a birthday with him. SOOO, We ended up having a family water party, he went golfing with daddy and then we went to Moses Lake where he rode Jet Skies and jumped off the dock we finished up the night with ice cream at dairy queen. All the kid wants is to do extreme sports, he wants a dirt bike (motorcycle) really bad. I wont do it, a long board is as extreme as I will go :) I love coop and his love for activity. He has informed us he want to be a landscaper or drive tractor for the cemetery? He is such a hard worker who loves to play hard!! I can't believe 9 years ago I wasn't sure if I was going to bring Coop home from the midwives. He's been live'n on the edge ever since!!

Water Slide Baby

He Wont Look at Me With his Shirt Off

His Favorite

Ice Cream (It's Late)

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