Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Hunter

Hunter is 11

I can't believe it....I am so sad!! Time goes way too fast, I wish I had spent more time cherishing every little detail!! Hunter, is such an incredible little boy, everyday he amazes me. I am so grateful he chose me as his mom, how blessed I am to have his sweet spirit in my home!!

Hunter's party was a blast. He and all his friends played water kickball, hot tubed, ate pizza, cake and opened presents. All he wanted was money so he could buy an ipod touch.
1st Base

2nd Base
3rd Base
Sliding into home
He Did it!

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GammaHaynes said...

What a cutie, time does fly by. Looks like the party was fun.What happened to wanting a new mitt for a birthday? Wow times sure have changed and I'm old.