Sunday, October 17, 2010

AMHS Homecoming 2010

Homecoming Game
Homecoming this year for Skyler and his date Megan was a little different. They wanted to go to homecoming yet they didn't want to go to the dance. The dances have gotten so uncomfortable for the kids who are trying to maintain some sort of standards. The dancing is so icky!!! Soooo, we started the night off with pictures out at Lake Tapps on a friends dock it was a beautiful evening
! Cousins

Then we had some friends set up dinner on top of the roof of an apartment in downtown Seattle
they had a beautiful view of the city
Our friends did an amazing job making it look spectacular

After dinner they danced two dances Then they headed to the church where we had a bouncy house obstacle course and boxing ring set up. There was a candy "bar" and kettle corn to pacify their sweet tooth! Once they were all worn out they headed back to our house for some hot tubing and mud pie!
We adults had a blast :) We followed them around like paparazzi!!

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