Thursday, December 4, 2008

There Is No Healing An Amputated Limp

Ok, So whats with my title......Well, after I heard about the guy who was killed at Walmart, I was really struggling with wanting to blog my "joy" in this journey. All I could think of was what that family was going through now, without this man in their life that was probably a husband, a daddy and a son. Their whole life was just turned upside down and they have to "learn" how to get through this. There is no healing from a have to learn how to live with the person gone and all the hopes and dreams that went along with that person shattered. Just like a person who loses a limb, they will never be healed in this life, they simply have to learn to live with out that limb. You then have to decide what next, do I do nothing or do I FIND JOY IN THE JOURNEY. I am learning how to live with my "amputated limp" and I chose to FIND JOY IN THIS CRAZY JOURNEY!! That doesn't mean we wont have our ups and downs, we all do, sometimes I am caught off guard when the grief hits me right between the eyes, the holiday season is hard and yet so much fun! I just hate doing it without my sweet Paris. I know that I am blessed to have her walking right beside us, but sometimes it would be nice to just "have" her!!
Since I found out you could print your blog into a book, I thought this was an easy out for actually writing in a journal, this will be my family journal. I have really wanted to stay on top of our Journey and didn't think about the pitfalls along the way that would be so hard t blog!
So, here is our last week.....It has been so fun and there are so many treasured memories!!

Pre Game...... Some times I think getting ready for the game is as much fun as the actual game!

We had some friends come and play with us

The "little kids"
Meet the "Big Kids"

Team 1.... Ya baby we rocked!!

Team 2.... Hey good job!!

Coin Toss, Gramps is our ref...He has fun doing all the
pre game, flag throwing, whistle blowing stuff

Finally Game Time

Aunt Daya put on a Great Half time show with Dallis and Brooklyn?

Game over, time to get ready to eat

All Showered and ready for some Turkey
Can you see how happy Coop is to take his picture

After Dinner Cooper, Hunter and Abi sang sweet song from Polar Express

Then it was time for games.....Uncle Trever chose puzzles,
We White's aren't very good at games that aren't physical, so we got CREAMED

Yea Mrs. Claus Comes !

This year Mrs. Claus sent us a letter. She met up with Heather Adams while on their way to Hawaii and asked her to write in each of the kid's books. Fancy Nancy was the book this year, in Memory of Mara.

I think Mrs. Claus did a good job this year, she remember shirts for the "big" boys

The Boys Loved Matching their Cousins with their footy Jammie's

Saturday we Met up with the Big Man
Skyler just wants the new Audi

Hunter wants a robot

Cooper wants an MP3 player

Lexis needs warm clothes :)

Dallis just wants off his lap.....she didn't cry but she WOULD NOT look at him

Abi, Tayla, Skyler and Chad
they're so tough

(when I talk about the tree the boys assure me it's going to be fine, "it has 1500 lights mom")
Since Paris died our tree has been decorated with pink ornaments. We have sweet hand prints that we made the day she drowned in hospital. This year Hunter and Cooper got to put them on. I will post a picture of them later.
Dallis enjoyed just eating chips while the boys did all the decorating

Love my "Paris" mantel, I wish I could get a good "night" picture, it is so beautiful!

If you wrote a letter to Santa, and took it to Macy's they would donate a $1 to Make a Wish!
We have 2 friends who have benefited from Make a Wish, one is Mara who went to Hawaii and has since passed away and the other is Drew who is going to Disney World this Christmas! How grateful we are for all the generous things Make a Wish does for little people who are sick!
The Memories last a life time!

Every year Bellevue puts on a cute little street show.
With drummers, characters and music
It even SNOWS.....ok so it's fake but it's still fun to see it snowing
Hunter's Rock'n Out with the drummers


Lewis Family said...

I love those look so stinkin' hot in your PINK!

Lewis Family said...

Ok, when I posted before, I only saw Turkey bowl pics. I have to admit, I was a little confused by the title with just the pics thinking somebody must have gotten hurt playing football and I just hadn't heard about it yet...I love that you post and journal everything. One of the most important things I have learned from you since Paris passed away is that I need to take pictures, thousands and thousands of pictures. You guys are just so fun. Thanks for letting us tag-along up to Snowflake Lane. Our kids loved it and want to go back. Love you guys...

roxanne said...

Wow, looks like so much fun. How fun seeing pictures of Danni...your sister was the coolest ever!!!

I also love all the wear it so well! Can't wait to see pics of your tree.

Flip flop Queen! said...

Looks like you guys are having a lot of fun. Your family is so cute. Hope your holidays continue to be happy.
Love Jen