Tuesday, December 9, 2008

GingerBread Houses Part 1

For the last 2 years our great friends the Criddles have invited us over to make ginger bread houses. They have always been so amazing, so many different kinds of candy, yummy frosting and lots of patience while our little kids make a complete mess of their house. My kids talk about it for weeks after the night is over. Well, this year we hadn't heard from them, they are so busy and with them all trying to work and go to school we assumed that we would have to take a rain check. So, while Paul was at Costco he found gingerbread houses for $10.00 they came complete with the gingerbread house, frosting, candy, even trees. He called me and told me all about these neat kits and wanted to know if he should buy them so our kids could still build ginger bread houses this year. Of course I jumped all over it and said we could do it Sunday night for family home evening. As we were at my mom's house just finishing dinner we got a phone call......"It's Kristel" She asks "Would your family and the Alfrey family like to come over again this year and make gingerbread houses?" "Of Course!!!!!" As I hang up the phone I looked at Coach and started laughing, we decided to still do them since we had them and yet as fun as this was we are still looking forward to gingerbread houses with the Criddles!!! If you've never done gingerbread houses they are so fun, a great tradition!!


Lewis Family said...

I had these in my cart on Monday and then took them out because I wasn't sure if they would really turn out as cute as the picture, but yours turned out so good. I may have to make a special trip back to Costco.

Lewis Family said...
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Lewis Family said...

Hey! Look's like there's another "Lewis Family" around...imagine that!!!

I found you on my mom's blog. I am excited to keep up with the what is going on in your life! Hope all is well. Things look well with your family!