Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Joined In The Fun!

School was cancelled, Snow was on the ground
and I had no reason not to PLAY!! Man I love the snow!!

As I bundled my 2 boys up to go out and play I couldn't help but think about Paris and NOT getting to bundle her up today..... I then remembered I don't recall ever having her in the snow. I know I had a snow suit for her but she was never able to wear it, that year they didn't even open the ski lifts. I immediately went and dressed Dallis and thought NONE of my kids are going to miss out on the snow again. (Lexis is still a little young to Play in it, I did take her outside to feel it :) Our friends called and asked if they could come play on our hill, so when they arrived I took Dallis out back and her and Lucy were sledding buddies!! Thanks Lucy! My boys were sledding, snowboarding maniacs and I was enjoying taking pictures. At about 10 I decided I had better go and shower so I would be ready for the I was in the shower, I thought go out and play with your kids, you have no reason not too, so I quickly jumped out of the shower, dressed and ran to the back yard to PLAY!! I am so glad I did, not only was it fun, but Grandma Banker brought out Hot Chocolate and Hot Chocolate Chip Cookies.. yuuuummm!!! It was dreamy!! What a magical day, if only the snow would come for Christmas!!

Cooper Pulled out his Snow board and had to start with the Tricks

Skyler Decides He Wants to Do the Jump

Lucy & Dallis, Dallis couldn't get enough of sledding

Hunter a little Hesitant but decides he can do the jump too!

Thanks to Trever I went fast and far!!

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