Sunday, December 14, 2008

Another Tradition

The Coats.....We love this acapella group, they are so amazing!! For the last 7 years(I think) we have been going to the Coats Christmas show. We started taking our kids 3 years ago and love having them there. They all love the music, each kid has a different love about the show, which makes watching them throughout the show that much better. This year we took Dallis, she was so great for the first hour, she danced and sang (out loud) she even had them asking, what her name was. But, as it got later and later she was fading! As we were leaving I asked Coach if we would take her again and he looked at me like DUH, of course!! He loves watching his kids sing and dance! Even if it means he has to sit in the back with her.
If you have never heard them you need to go their website. their holiday CD is a lot of fun!

We finally started taking Grandma and Grandpa! Granny loves it all, Gramps wishes they would sing all their songs and not just the Christmas stuff...I have to remind him that it IS Christmas time!! :)

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StevenChristy said...

What a fun tradition for your sweet family. I always loved the sports and the cultural arts. I made it a big part of my childrens life's. This weekend with the snow we had half the kids in to celebrate Christmas. Since they traveled from UTAH we had it early. I love your whole Blog Deanna as I read it I laughed, cried, and felt joy. May your jorney continue with wonderful traditions. I love you!
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