Sunday, December 14, 2008

It Snowed in Seattle!!

I know it's December it's supposed to snow. Well, in Seattle it doesn't work that way!! Infact, when it does snow, 1 inch will shut the whole city down! We all go crazy and always have to play in the first trace. My boys and I had a snowball fight in our regular clothes when it started snowing because we were afraid it would be gone in the morning! We were soaked but man we had a blast!! I love the snow!! LOVE IT! I'm not sure if its because that means we will get to be snowboarding soon, or if it's because it is so beautiful or if its because it comes from Heaven? What ever it may be it's like sunshine, it makes me happy!!

Needless to say it wasn't gone so they got to wakeboard, I mean snowboard?

This is what I saw when I opened my front door this morning to leave for church, it reminded me of the day I took Skyler home from the hospital the day he was born in Denver. Snow on all the trees yet the sun was shining.

I thought this was classic! Surf board and Snow!! Coach is a major surfer (that's how he got his nickname coach) So, when I looked out my bedroom door this morning and saw all the snow, I started laughing because our bathroom/changing rooms are so summery looking. The snow looks out of place or maybe the surfboard is out of place?


roxanne said...

Yippee how FUN!! We were just as excited for our first snow...not so much today now that it's -19 below.

Joya said...

I love the snow! It snowed here too. Not in our yard though. We had to drive for half an hour just to go and play in it!

Lewis Family said...

Love the pic of your front yard. You just need all your kids to get in their swim shorts or wetsuits to stand by the doors on the deck! Instead of Christmas in July, you'll have summer in December!